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It is a plain weave of 2/15 X 2/15 count thread, which will provide you with more durability. We provide dope dyed and yarn dyed fabric which will have high degree of color fastness. Fabric is mainly used in clothing for shop floor associates and labor intensive works. Fine Matty: With a count of 2/18 X 2/18 count thread, this has similar characteristics of matty with smoother finish.



It is tightly woven durable twill which is usually 2/2 right handed, with a distinct twill line. Due to its weave structure it has a very smooth and shiny finish. It comes in either polyester cotton or polyester viscose blend. It is very commonly used in men’s and women’s trousers, kids wear, rainwear and variety of other uses.


PC Twill (Chinos)

A general term for a Polyster Cotton Blendedmade with a twill weave, a basic weave characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric.



We offer an extensive range of towels and napkins, our mesmerizing range of printed cotton towels and napkins are the perfect choice of the customers. These can be availed in varied color spectrum and sizes.


Military Print

Camouflage fabric is available in different designs and shades suited to requirements of army and navy. It comes in either twill or plain weave usually in 2/30 X 2/30 count thread. It is available in dope dyed or yarn dyed to retain the color fastness. Military Officer’s Uniform fabric: 999- Delux. A plain weave of 2/26 X 2/26 count thread, S. Kumars Quality Fabric: Triple Nine is approved and supplied in defense establishments, army canteens in all over India. The correct color of the uniform is available with us.


Blazer uniform fabric

Blazer uniform fabric is texturized polyester plain weave 41 x 41 count is available in generic colors. It is commonly used in schools and colleges for winter wear


Shirting Spun

Methods for making stretch shirting fabric having fabric weight less than 175 g/m2 and fabric stretch between 15% to 45% in the weft direction are disclosed. A corespun composite elastomeric yarn is produced either (a) by low draft (2.7× or below) core-spinning of the elastomeric yarn, or (b) by pretreating the corespun composite yarn in steam or heated water at temperatures of at least 110°C to reduce yarn power before dyeing or weaving. The shirting fabric with such corespun composite elastomeric yarn in the weft meets end-use specifications without heat-setting.



It is a plain weave of 2/30 X 2/30 count thread, which will provide you a high degree of comfort level with high colour fastness. Blended thread of different combination will provide you with different quality. Generically used in clothing for office, IT industries and all other institutions.



There are 23 different varieties of cottons found in India and thousands of cotton weaving centres. Cotton is used in producing a wide range of items like school wear salwars, bed sheets, covers, napkins, shirts, summer wear etc. The traditional Indian cotton weaving revolves around 'Khadi'. Khadi is a cloth woven by hand using handspun yarn only. Fine cotton fabrics are also referred as Muslin. 'Mulmul khas', the royal muslin is the fabled and most famous cotton weave. Cotton fabrics are more popular among the people of India. The brilliance of cotton is visible in a variety of weaves in their traditional weaving patterns in the different states of India.



Wool, the essential fabric of the North and North Eastern states due to the geographical factors, is made from the hair of various animals such as sheep, llamas, camels and goats. Wool is generally a creamy white color, although some breeds of sheep produce natural colors such as black, brown (also called moor it) and grey. The fabric is very resilient and resistant to wrinkling. It is renewed by moisture and is well known for it's warmth. In addition to clothing, wool is used for carpeting, felt, insulation and upholstery.