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Uniforms are an age-old vehicle for keeping a clean and professional appearance in various types of hospitality workplaces as well as for use at home. Uniforms themselves have withstood the test of time, some specific uniform designs have not. Over time, industries and their respective workplaces have evolved, and will continue to do so - some of them calling for new designs, others for needed improvements, be it fashionable or practical. Vishesh Uniforms stocks the latest maid dress and hotel uniform designs, as well as the tried and true designs that most of us are familliar with.

uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity. Modern uniforms are worn by armed forces and paramilitary organisations such as police, emergency services, security guards, in some workplaces and schools and by inmates in prisons. In some countries, some other officials also wear uniforms in their duties, Workers sometimes wear uniforms or corporate clothing of one nature or another.