hospital uniforms design

We provide wide range of hospital and medical garments. The fabric and colors used are in accordance with the specifications from the clients. We design these with a lot of care so as to meet /exceed client’s expectations.

Medical clothing or hospital clothing refers to different types of medical apparel, medical scrubs and medical uniforms worn by doctors, surgeons, nurses, general medical staff, patients, porters, cleaners, lab technicians and other medical professionals. There are different types of medical attires available to cover and protect every part of the body. Medical clothing or hospital clothing not only protects the wearer, but also the people who come in close contact with the wearer, if they are severely ill or injured. Medical protective clothing viz. oxygen mask is usually worn to protect oneself from hazardous substances such as chemicals, harmful radiation, bodily fluids, waste products, dirt particles, etc. More precisely, the main purpose of the medical clothing and hospital clothing is to keep bare skin and personal clothing free of contagions, e.g. disposable hospital gowns. A large number of businesses are engaged in the trade of medical apparel or hospital apparel, medical uniforms, and hospital scrubs or medical scrubs.